Classic car – Bexleyheath is one of the formost classic car providers in Bexleyheath.

Our classic car is a Princess Austin Vanden Plass Limousine, and indeed you will feel like a princess as it takes you to your wedding through Bexleyheath.
Our classic car is extremely practical, as it seats seven, and is a beautiful old english white that is sure to turn the heads of the residents and onlookers in Bexleyheath as you pass through on your special day in this beautiful classic classic car.

Until the early 19th century, Bexley Heath comprised an area of scrub-land with few buildings (Bexley Heath windmill stood at the corner of what is today Erith Road and Mayplace Road). The heath bordered Watling Street. In 1766 Sir John Boyd had Danson House built in parkland (now Danson Park between Bexleyheath and Welling). In 1814 the land to the north of Bexley that would become Bexleyheath became subject to an Enclosure Act. In 1859 architect Philip Webb designed Red House for the artist, reforming designer and socialist William Morris on the western edge of the heath, in the hamlet of Upton — before Upton became largely developed as a London suburb. The National Trust acquired the house in 2003.

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